This challenge is great for your hips, hamstrings, calves, core, and cardiovascular system.

You’ll be focusing on keeping your spine neutral during the swing and hops while focusing on keeping your lower back flat on the ground for the cocoon sit ups.

One of the best things about a kettlebell swing is that it’s a dynamic low-impact exercise that works your body out efficiently.

What you need:
resistance band

Workout protocol:
25 kettlebell swings
50 hops (like jumping rope)
10 cocoon sit ups
repeat for 5 rounds as fast as you can

Kettlebell swing: feet shoulder width, both hands on the kettlebell in an overhand grip.

Keeping your spine neutral and core tight, perform a squat and tuck the kettlebell back as far as you can between your legs.

At the end of the pendulum swing, thrust your hips straight up while you swing the kettlebell to shoulder height.

You should get the sensation that your hips are snapping into a very strong and athletic position, making your pelvis neutral at the top of the movement.

Hops: feet shoulder width or more narrow, jump up and down without letting your heels touch the ground.

Cocoon sit ups: Lay down on your back, legs straight with your feet and knees touching and your arms on the floor shoulder width above your head.

Engage your core by holding a crunch, this will flatten out your lower spine and make this exercise safe for your back.

While holding the crunch, simultaneously bring your arms up and forward while tucking your knees.

Make sure to keep your feet and knees touching as you get into this cocoon position.

Continue holding the crunch with your arms forward, straight your legs in front of you without letting your feet touch the ground.

Tuck your knees back into the cocoon position, then straight your legs and bring your arms back to the floor above your head.

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