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Do you ‘eat clean’ with no results? Do you think eating out and drinking all the time doesn’t set you back? Do you work out, run, bike, or swim 6 days a week and can’t figure out why you’re still 25 pounds overweight? Clean eating, intuitive eating, portion control, and fad diets failed you because they never truly showed you what you were doing wrong, never taught you the difficult skill of eating well and the skill of structured flexibility that comes with tracking macros. The people who struggle the most with weight loss could benefit the most from tracking.

It’s time to show you the how and the why of tracking.

Tracking macronutrients isn’t about being meticulous or controlling with your food – it’s about bringing an awareness to your eating. This awareness influences you to make better decisions and build better habits by default. A food tracker learns what works for them and what doesn’t. Tracking your macros allows you to discover your true food personality. It’s not a diet. That would imply that you’re forcing yourself to be something you’re not, like putting on a mask each day.

Tracking is not forever but it is for as long as it needs to be.

Watching fad diets fail people over and over has hardened me more as a coach. My coaching has been and always will be client-centered. This “hardening” as a coach has lead me to hold my clients more accountable to their choices and actions. This idea of setting the expectation of tracking macros may be eliciting a change that is exactly what you need because all you’ve ever done was the easier or most marketed diet and it’s let you down.

Take the guesswork out of weight loss and assess without judging your food habits.

Tracking your macros shines a light on your food choices and eating habits. The info you gather when tracking is what will guide you to success. Avoiding information that you get from a food log could be a sign that you’re afraid to fail, succeed, or to take that brave step toward seeing what your eating habits are really like for the first time ever. Information avoidance is a very real thing and it’s time to pull back the curtain as to why you’re struggling to get the results you deserve.

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