31-day Power Peach Challenge

Do you have a hard time feeling your muscles working during hip thrusts, squats, or clamshells?

Do you want to save your knees and back while still maximizing your glute gains?

Do you want to get a stronger backside for less than $2 a day? Join today!

Pick a Size to Join

Every challenge participant will receive a Power Peach in the mail for no additional cost. The workouts will have a combination of squats, frog pumps, bridges, hip thrusts, clamshells, and hip adbuction. 

Some days will be low reps and volume, other high reps and volume.

The Power Peach is an amazing fitness tool that helps make your glutes work harder on hip extension exercises like sumo deadlifts, squats, bridges, hip thrusts, frog pumps, leg presses, and reverse hypers.

This durable and portable band also adds hip abduction to each lift, causing the glutes to work the two primary functions of the muscle group simultaneously. This is the key to optimizing glute activation and the reason why the band works so well.

You can use the Power Peach in nearly any position to provide additional resistance for standing, side-lying, supine, prone, quadruped, or split stance exercises.

If you’re serious about strengthening up your glutes, the Power Peach can take you to the next level.

The high resistance band has two different length options, Small (13″) and Large (17″). The smaller the band, the more challenging the workout. If you are just starting out with exercise in general, start with the Large (17″) band.

The Power Peach was built to supplement the toughest hip-strengthening exercises and is ideal for the person looking to challenge their glute work in ways they never thought possible.

The threaded elastic interior of the Power Peach does a consistently great job of gripping without discomfort while the durable stitching ensures your band will never roll over or pinch you.